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Lotus Wallpaper

5 - 5 Murals

5 of 5 Murals

Lotus Wallpaper Murals Collection

Considered sacred in Hindu traditions and Buddhist philosophy, the lotus is a concrete symbol of spiritual enlightenment, awakening and perfection. People who meditate are symbolically in the form of water lilies because this is the ideal meditation posture. According to the belief in reincarnation, when people are born again after death, they will be born on the lotus flower. Because they can be born cleanly like a water lily blooming in the mud, safe from their sins. Lotus represents the purity of the soul. When you look at the beauty of the lotus flower, it is not difficult to understand why people attach so much meaning and value to it. If one day your path falls to South east of Asia, be prepared, because from India to the Chinese Sea, people will greet you with the lotus symbol by joining both hands together!