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The most attentive wallpapers for the most valued ones of us... Our babies are the most valued essence of us. We always want the best quality for them and this is also the case for the wallpapers of baby rooms. However, besides the quality, there are the standards that are required in particular. Given the fact that a common baby room wallpaper mural covers at least one wall, your visual choice may contribute to many fields such as the regular sleeping pattern, intellectual development and learning capacity of your baby while creating miracles in the room. However, you should inspect the paper and printing quality before the visual / design choice. Keep away from plastic / folio based products in paper type. Insist on recyclable, textile-based, non-woven papers. Recyclable, textile-based, non-woven papers can breathe in and out. Breathability is harmless to human's health and serves as a solid and sound curtain between the wall and your baby. We pay attention to have "indoor inks" as the printing inks that do not contain carcinogenic substancesand that do not cause respiratory disorders. Additional ventilation is not needed for Maggenta wallpapers. They do not cause disorders such as headache.Wallpaper works with the theme of baby room of many different new designs prepared by Maggenta designers have been included in Maggenta Baby Collection. While preparing our baby room wallpaper mural collection, we have avoided especially bright colours and very detailed and complicated visuals that disturb baby eyes. We have tried to create "calm, plain, comfortable and pleasant" baby spaces with nature and lovely animal figures complemented by pastel colour designs. Maggenta Baby Room Wallpaper Murals have been prepared to meet all your expectations and it is safety to decorate your walls with Maggenta for the health of your baby. We’re striving to offer you the best baby wallpaper murals.