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Fuji film inks used in maggenta products are certified with “human health” priority GREENGUARD gold. It does not contain contaminants. It is odorless and unkempt. No additional ventilation unit required. What is Greenguard Certificate? Greenguard certificate, the efficiency of the internal air of the chemicals contained in the products used in indoor activitiesit is a certificate that shows that it is within the scope of the border values determined in terms of. People spend more than 80% of their time indoors and the indoor air pollution is 2-5 times more than the outdoor one. Major factor of this pollution is volatile organic compounds originating from materials and furniture. Greenguard certified products proves to contain low emissions and contributes to the creation of healthier interior spaces. The Greenguard Organization, which The American Standards Institute has commissioned to form a standard for indoor air quality, chemical emissions of building products have established criteria for sensitive areas such as schools, indoor environments and nurseries and certify products that meet these criterias. The Greenguard Certificate assures you that your product is emitting at a low level of chemical substances. Products with a Greenguard Certificate are tested by an impartial organization and the tests are repeated at specific periods.

Papers we use

Maggenta Wallpapers are original products. As we closely follow the printing technology, we follow the paper technology too. We use papers that are especially suitable for indoor use, harmless to health, durable and not easily deformed. We avoid foil-based, vinyl or thin poster papers. We prefer high performance nonwoven, fiber textured, wipable and breathable papers that do not release carcinogenic substances. Maggenta Wallpapers are dampproof and serves as a solid layer between your wall and you. They are durable, do not lose

Technical Details:

It is non-woven, fiber-reinforced, wipeable, breathable textile wallpaper. No additional ventilation is required. Certificated with FLAMMABILITY ENDURANCE CERTIFICATE.(B-s1, d0) It is suitable for indoor use so can be used safely in sensitive areas such as nurseries and bedrooms. FOREST STEWARDSHIP COUNCIL (FSC) APPROVED and Recyclable. (International Forest Management Council) High performance, nonwoven fabric. “Engineering marvel of fabric which provides economical solutions for increasingly diverse applications.” EDANA (European Nonwovens & Disposables Association)

Premium Wallpaper

Non-woven wallpaper which is resistant to wear, abrasion and laceration, suitable for long range use. Provides a vivid and saturated color casing. Perfect for indoor use.

Textured Wallpaper

Canvas textured paper is most preferred paper type. Permanent printing stands out with durability and color vividness. Thanks to its textured structure, it guarantees an impressive appearance on your walls.