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We whisper music not only in expressing our feelings, but also in shaping them. Through out human history, music has been the expression of societies, cultures, emotions and thoughts and has become one of the most distinct forms of art. Now, with maggenta music collection, we transform this sensory art into visual art. So you can decorate your walls with music wallpapers and be more interested in music that already holds an important place in your life. Maybe you're a jazz fan and you want to see great melodies, ambiance, jazz instruments on your walls. Maybe you're a rocker or interested in pop, hip-hop or Country / Folk. There are hundreds of differentmusic styles addressed to you. Come on, dominate the environment you live or work with with a wallpaper from our music wallpaper and wall mural collection. We’re striving to offer you the best music wallpapers and music wall murals. Let your melodies come alive on your walls.