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How it Works?

Our murals are suitable for walls of any size or shape, so we encourage you to be confident and get creative with your design ideas. We’ll be alongside you all the way.

1. Measure your wall
2. Choose your dream image
3. Enter your wall dimensions
4. Personalize & Order

Measure up
Our murals fit walls of all shapes and sizes. We produce our wallpapers just for your walls, according to your directives so it is not neessary to wory about it. Measure your wall height based as its maximum dimensions. Like height of wall, measure your wall's width based its maximum dimensions too. If its shape is not regular, you can cut and drop surplus pieces.

Choose image
We have thousands of images at our wallpaper collections. You can find many different styles, in many different themes. We trust in our collections and images but we are aware of the fact that we are a manufacturer of custom wallpaper and are aware of the responsibility it requires. So, if you have specific design ideas, have personal photos you want to print or else like these, we can make them a wallpaper for you. Choose an image from our collections or upload your own design / photo to our system. Remember that you are limitless.

Enter Dimensions
When you enter the maximum dimensions (height and width) of your wall in the corresponding areas, you will be able to see how many square meters or square feets your measurements are. The pricing of your custom wallpaper which will produce just for you, will be determined according to your measurements. It is important that you enter the exact measurements. Just in case, to tolerate possible errors, we produce 2 cm / 1 inch more than you give.

Personalize & Order
We have many options to personalize your image. You can change color, direction and paper type of image. Also you can crop the image as you want. This allows you to take which part of image you want. After you finish personalizaton of your image / design, you can easily order. We will produce and deliver as fast as we can.