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30 - 74 Murals

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Wallpapers for your loved ones... We always want the best quality for our children and the situation in kids room wallpaper mural is no different. But before quality, there are standards that especially need to be sought. Your visual choice can contribute to your children's sleep patterns, mental development and learning capacity. However, you should examine the paper and print quality before choosing visual /design. In paper type; avoid plastic / foil-based products. Insist on recycled, textile-based, nonwoven papers. Recycled, textile-based nonwoven papers are breathable. Breathability of wallpaper is very important for human health. Maggenta wallpapers act as a solid curtain between the wall and your child. We take care that our printing inks are indoor inks that do not contain carcinogenic substances and do not cause respiratory problems. No additional ventilation is required for Maggenta wallpapers. It does not cause discomfort such as headache caused by odor. Maggenta Wallpapers are designed to meet all your expectations and it is safe for their health to decorate the walls of children's rooms with Maggenta. We’restriving to offer you the best wallpapers.