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Measuring & Installation

Maggenta personalized wallpapers are custom made for you, regardless of the size of your wall, and fits any size of wall.

Your wall does not need to be a complete rectangle or a complete square. Curved or columned walls with irregular dimensions are not a problem. What you need to do is to measure the longest position of your wall in both the horizontal plane (width) and the vertical plane (height). Get your wallpaper hanging on your wall by cutting off the remaining parts. It's that simple.

Maggenta Wallpapers produce with superimposed thrusted paper method in order to tolerate errors that may occur during application. Before starting to hang your wall mural on your wall, make sure that there are no errors by combining the patterns on top of each other on the floor. Each roll should be joined to ~ 2cm (~ 1inch) above the previous roll. If there is an error or omission, contact us immediately at If don't have any problems, start hanging your mural on the wall starting at the top left corner. Since the subsequent roll piece will be positioned relative to the first roll piece, make sure that the first roll is properly pasted both horizontally and vertically. Continue hanging by combining the patterns so that the subsequent rolls are ~ 2cm (~ 1inch) above the first roll. Repeat this process until the last roll. Then remove the overlapping parts and the remaining parts by cutting them with a sharp blade or knife. With a soft-textured, damp cloth, remove and clean any wallpaper adhesive stains that may have been contaminated with up-and-down movements.

Maggenta Wallpapers are made to be compatible with a wallpaper adhesive available from any DIY store. The adhesive may be applied to the wall or back of the paper. Our wallpapers are suitable for both methods. You just need to apply as described in the adhesive package insert.