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The wider the wallpaper strips, the less segmented your image will be. But hanging the strip of much wider wallpaper than necessary is a difficult process. Based on our experience and the feedback from our customers, on average 80-90 cm (30-35 inch) wide wallpaper strips are ideal. This makes the hanging process faster and and provides less pieced visuals. Also good for better finishing process.
Your wallpaper will arrive, in a cardboard bazooka which has rolled walpaper in it. We especially prefer bazooka system to cover your product from damages while transportation. Your wallpaper comes in vertical rolls, approximately 2 cm (1 inch) wider and higher than your wall dimensions and about 80 cm (30 inches) wide, so that you can tolerate some of the possible errors, may occur while hanging.

These rolls are stacked side by side on the wall to create a fully finished wall mural.
Yes, you can. You can change the dimensions and colors, make images in black and white or sephia, crop and use any part of the image you want. Or more, you can have your own custom wallpaper by uploading your own image to the system. With Maggenta personalized wallpapers, your options are incredible.
After making your payment and placing your order, we try to produce your order and deliver it to the contracted shipping company on the same day (if it was given before 3 pm). If we cannot produce within the same day, we guarantee that we will do it within 2 working days. Depending on where you are in the world, your order will be delivered to your address (usually 4 to 5 days) within 2 to 15 days.
Because the brightness and color settings of each monitor may be different, there may be differences between the colors you see on the computer screen and the actual colors printed. However, this difference is usually very small. The actual colors of the wallpaper you order may be slightly brighter and vivid, or vaguely mat than the colors that appear on your computer screen.
A standard ready-mix wallpaper adhesive should be used which can be easily found in every DIY store. Maggenta wallpapers are perfectly compatible with standard wallpaper adhesives. Note; You can hang 64ft² (6m²) wallpaper with mixing 1 litre water and 60 mg adhesive.
Yes you should get the exact size. Just in case, we produce 1 inch(2 cm) higher and wider than your size to eliminate any possible malfunctions (which may be due to the structure or shape of wall, or inexperience of the person who performing the hanging procedure) when hanging your wallpaper. In practice you need to cut the excess parts. Don’t forget that each wallpaper and wall mural will produce custom for you.
It is not a problem to have non-regular shaped wall to use wallpaper. What you need to pay attention is, simply measure the widest and longest part of your wall. When it is time to hang the wallpaper, simply cut the excess sides of paper.