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While producing Maggenta wallpapers; accepted worldwide for its indoor use, non-carcinogenic, high quality paper, ink and packaging types are used. FujiFilm is Maggenta's solution partner. Wallpapers are produced with Fuji film photo printing technology and inks. Prints; high resolution pass.


Fuji film inks used in maggenta products are certified with “human health” priority GREENGUARD gold. It does not contain contaminants. It is odorless and unkempt. No additional ventilation unit required.

What is Greenguard Certificate ?

Greenguard certificate, the efficiency of the internal air of the chemicals contained in the products used in indoor activitiesit is a certificate that shows that it is within the scope of the border values determined in terms of.

People spend more than 80% of their time indoors and the indoor air pollution is 2-5 times more than the outdoor one.

Major factor of this pollution is volatile organic compounds originating from materials and furniture. Greenguard certified products proves to contain low emissions and contributes to the creation of healthier interior spaces.

The Greenguard Organization, which The American Standards Institute has commissioned to form a standard for indoor air quality, chemical emissions of building products have established criteria for sensitive areas such as schools, indoor environments and nurseries and certify products that meet these criterias. The Greenguard Certificate assures you that your product is emitting at a low level of chemical substances.

Products with a Greenguard Certificate are tested by an impartial organization and the tests are repeated at specific periods.


Maggenta wallpapers are the original production. Textile-based and non woven fabric. It is not foil based and/or thin poster paper. They are breathable, human-friendly and recyclable papers. Also wipeable. International Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is approved. Certified with (B-s1,d0) flame retardant certificate. Residual products after printing are sent to the recycling plant.


Maggenta wallpapers are delivered to your desired address in original bazooka packaging free of charge. You do not pay shipping charges when receiving. We make the maximum effort to be able to produce and deliver the product you ordered in the day you ordered. If we cannot produce it within the same day, we guarantee that we will produce it within 2 working days and deliver it to the cargo company. According to the delivery address you specify, your order will be delivered to you within 2 to 8 days on average. We are sending in original bazooka packaging to ensure that your wallpaper is not affected by external influences and is not crushed or worn, during transportation.